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Our themes provide an ability to embed a map or a satellite photo of any place on Earth using the shortcode Map. It can be a very useful element for your contact page. Just click it in text editor toolbar and specify needed address in the pop-up window.

Setting address for map

Then click “Ok”. Now the Map shortcode will be embedded to your content:

[map address="Machu Picchu, Peru" type="hybrid" zoom="16" /]

There are some other attributes that might be useful for you, but they are not mandatory. However, you can customize the map by changing these attributes.


The following map types are supported:

  • roadmap - normal, default 2D map;
  • satellite - photographic map;
  • hybrid - photographic map + roads and city names (default value);
  • terrain - map with mountains, rivers, etc.


This attribute sets zoom for the current map view. That is you can zoom the map to fit the specified bounds. It supports integer value from 0 to 21.