HiTech theme Firts slide stays on screen twice as long as supposed to

by BurningKrome


I recently purchased the HiTech theme - and overall its working nicely.

One question: when the page is FIRST loaded into a browser...the first slide will appear with ALL the inserted objects already on the slide...wait the full timeout (default 5000ms)...and THEN re-create the slide with the proper actions.

The end result is the first slide stays on the screen for twice as long (10000ms) before moving to slide 2.

Is there something that can be done about this so the slide appears only for one (5000ms) rotation? An edit to the JS perhaps?



Sorry for inconvenience. We have fixed the problem. There was a bug in the theme.
To fix it you have to replace the following line in the file functions.php located in the directory of the theme:
delay:<?php echo $settings['slider']['delay']; ?>,
timeout:<?php echo $settings['slider']['delay']; ?>,

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